International Women’s Day

Fri, March 08, 2013

A very happy International Women’s Day to all you adventure divas out there. In the final pages of Adventure Divas , the book, I wrote about exploring cultures through the eyes of people whose independence, talent and vision are transforming lives communities, and political landscapes in their respective countries... about a new brand of role model: the self-determined woman who grapples with fear, lives passionately, and, in doing so improves the world around her....and about trying to put a face on the accepted (but yet-to-be-acted-on) socioeconomic fact that the progress of nations depends upon the empowerment of women.

That was some years back; today the global movement feels like it’s cresting a hill. Recent projects such as One Billion Rising, and the new film/movement Girl Rising make me wildly optimistic.

We’re just getting up to speed in this new, estrogen-charged century!

onward --- Holly

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